Taxed Enough Cymru

Wales is taxed too much

The Centre for Welsh Studies is a free market think tank based in Cardiff Bay, at the heart of devolved politics in Wales. We launched in 2017 as a reaction to the ongoing paralysis in Wales by policies that are leaving our country lagging the rest of the UK.

CWS is launching this campaign to fight back against tax rises being planned by the Welsh Government. We plan to do this through our academic work, social media platforms and ground campaigning to truly spread the message of low taxes and economic freedom throughout Wales.

One of the aims of the campaign will be to raise public awareness of the benefits of fairer taxation, alongside the main aim of stopping tax rises in Wales. Without public support, we cannot stop the Welsh Government on this issue, so join our campaign today and help us fight for fairer taxes in Wales.


If you’d like to know more about this campaign, or you have any questions, please email us.


We can’t stop tax hikes in Wales without you. Please donate to our campaign!