A Message from the Directors

Our Agenda for Change



Twenty sixteen brought unprecedented political and social change across the Western world.

The advent of Brexit, Trump, and a groundswell of anti-establishment movements have engulfed Europe, with little respite planned for the coming years.

The message is clear: swathes of society want answers to riven problems they attribute to thirty years of centrist-liberal orthodoxy, which has abandoned entire communities.

In Wales, already the UK’s poorest nation, deep social problems and a flaccid economy gave good reasons for a majority to vote Leave.

Business as usual is over.

Once an immutable force, globalisation is being rejected across the West. Majorities in Wales have called time on open borders, outsourcing jobs and falling living standards.

Frustrated with the status quo, many feel their communities are changing without their input, and governments from left and right have sung from the same hymn sheet. We need a new approach.

The Centre for Welsh Studies will drive forward a positive vision for Wales, discussing the very issues which politicians have ignored for decades.

The people have spoken. They won’t be ignored any longer.

We at the Centre for Wales will provide the solutions to complex issues facing Welsh society.

Wales voted Leave, and Great Britain is leaving the EU. We must get on with it.

We offer a positive vision for Wales outside the European Union; a nation forever committed to strong links with our continental partners and friends.

This must be achieved with grassroots input. For far too long, ordinary people have felt severed from Cardiff Bay.

The Centre for Wales will work with the people of Wales and institutions all over the globe. From businesses, governments, charities, communities and campaigns for a truly global Wales in which all can share in its prosperity.

We are the only Welsh think tank ready to cater for the seismic political realignment already underway.

It’s time to empower the individual.

Our agenda for change will explain why the Centre for Wales is ready to tackle our nation’s most pressing issues.


Our Agenda for Change

Best wishes from our Chairman and Director

Matt Mackinnon

Matt Mackinnon



Llŷr Powell

Llŷr Powell