Democracy Must Prevail


The Covid-19 pandemic has ripped through all of our lives over the last eighteen months. We have all sacrificed and looked to our political leaders at both national and devolved level to handle this crisis.

In May 2021, Wales is due its devolved elections—elections that were last held in 2016, prior to the EU Referendum campaign. Since then, we have had two General Elections, a European Parliament election and Local Elections.

The political landscape has changed dramatically and the people of Wales deserve to have their say on the future of our nation.

The Welsh Government have had over a year to ensure that the Senedd Election in May 2021 can be held in a safe and secure manner. Sadly, Welsh Labour and other political parties in Wales are looking to delay this election.

Democracy is not something that can be ignored when times get tough—if anything democracy should be more valuable than ever before. Without democracy, our very existence as a nation is under threat.

We say DEMOCRACY MUST PREVAIL. Sign our petition to ensure the Welsh election goes ahead in May this year!”