Immigration and Emigration

Our Agenda for Change

Looking to the future, Wales will suffer from an ageing population combined with the fact that young people are leaving Wales and moving to other parts of the UK, in large numbers. London and other metropolitan cities are a huge pull for Welsh graduates. Currently the Government’s main answer to this issue is to encourage immigration from the EU and the wider world. These migrants are needed in some skilled areas, but we need to look at a multi-pronged approach to solve this issue of our ageing population.

We believe there are a plethora of approaches to tackle the issue of  Wales’ ‘brain drain’. For example, we need to be encouraging new businesses to settle in Wales. We must aim high for these businesses to have a variety of jobs available, from low-skilled roles to graduate level positions, with the aim of retaining Welsh graduates and increasing manual and high-skilled employment.

There are already some of the UK’s finest companies based in Wales and now the Welsh Government has control over income tax, it should be one of the Government’s highest priorities to create the most favourable business environment, in discussion with business leaders across Wales.

Political parties are now arguing for an immigration system policy for Wales. We believe this is a ploy to keep Wales’ borders open to the European Union by politicians who refuse to accept that their love of open borders and shared sovereignty, are now a minority view in Wales.  This policy will be impossible to impose unless a hard border is created with England, which is not in the interest to the people of Wales, especially those living in communities near the border.

The Welsh Government has continually campaigned and supported open borders and high levels of non-EU migration, in order to attract large numbers of people to Wales, regardless of skill level or ability. We believe Wales can fill many of its low-skilled positions if appropriate measures are introduced, in order to attract Welsh workers from all over the country to take up these positions.

We must create a sustainable immigration system that encourages our home-grown talent to stay in Wales, whilst simultaneously working to increase private investment that will guarantee these jobs in the long-term.

“It’s time to create a sustainable immigration system for Wales”