How Can We Achieve This?

Our Agenda for Change

How Can We Achieve This?

The Centre for Wales will be working with a variety of high profile stakeholders in Wales to achieve our objectives, from leading politicians to academics, and business leaders to charities. We will seek advice, commentary and opinion from specialists in the subjects that we will be focusing on.

We aim to use social media as one of our main avenues to gain exposure, using social media posts and videos to drive forward our ideas to targeted audiences across Wales.

We have established a team which has worked for a variety of organisations, such as the UK Parliament, European Parliament and the Welsh Assembly, as well as working with international charities and businesses.

We will focus on our research and media operation, producing reports and gaining media exposure for our campaigns.

In time we would like to have a small regional team based in more rural areas of Wales. Their role would be to introduce our ideas to local businesses, councils and charities.