Decentralising Control

Our Agenda for Change

The Centre for Welsh Studies will work with various stakeholders to devolve control from Cardiff Bay to communities across Wales. Since the EU referendum, there has been extensive analysis into why people voted leave. Research has shown that large sections of leave voters feel as though they have lost control to large organisations, many of which are unelected and unaccountable to them.

The Centre for Wales believe that when communities feel empowered, they will work to improve their communities for the better.

We want to encourage people to have more of a say over their lives, not just from politicians, but from business’ too. Giving local communities control over their local services and local issues, and sharing power from the capital to all corners of Wales, has to be one of the Centre for Wales’ key goals.

We believe that this can be achieved through local referenda and community investment schemes. With the expansion of social media and the way in which communities now communicate,we believe that power can be devolved in a much more effective way than it has been in the past. Local people knowwhat their local areas need. Not pen pushers in Cardiff Bay.

“Decentralising control from Cardiff Bay is the key to a prosperous Wales”