Our Agenda for Change

This is just an overview of some of the policy areas we will focus on. There’s a plethora of other topics we plan to produce reports on in the future, but we believe we have provided an exciting snapshot into our mission for 2017.

In this post-Brexit era, the agenda in Wales must reflect the will of the people of Wales and their desire for change.

We do not yet know how Brexit will evolve. We must show the Welsh Government that the Welsh people will not allow them to slow down and block Brexit. We know that our European friends have their own agendas that they want to achieve in the upcoming negotiations. We do not know what type of trading relationship will be agreed and we do not know how the day-to-day politics will play out after the elections in 2017 across Europe.

But, we are sure of one thing: the referendum campaign showed that the political class have not done enough to prevent the deep divisions found in our communities in recent decades. This is a complex issue which encompasses worries about national identity, prosperity, wealth distribution and the future of our public services.

Our job at the Centre for Wales and as citizens of Wales is to work towards a united future for Wales.We can achieve this by engaging with new people, creating new, innovative ideas and forging new campaigns, whilst simultaneously maintaining and promoting a positive vision for Wales, outside the European Union.

The Centre for Wales is ready to tackle our nation’s most pressing issues. Our ultimate aim is simple: to empower the individual.

“It’s time to empower the individual”