The Centre for Welsh Studies

Wales’ first free market think tank. Our aim is simple: we want a freer, more prosperous Wales

The Centre was founded in early 2017, with the intention of changing the political landscape in Wales, after witnessing the disparity of views between those representing the people and the views of the people themselves.

We work with a variety of stakeholders, from politicians, academics, business people and the third sector, in order to form policy ideas and research papers and promote our ideas through media outreach and social media.

The Centre is a politically neutral organisation and our board of advisers, members and patrons are from a wide range of political backgrounds, who all share one thing in common: we believe the free market is the best way to ensure wealth creation and prosperity.

Today the Centre is known as Wales’ newest and fastest growing think tank. With campaigns focused around tax reduction, increasing personal freedoms and opposing the nanny state, you can be sure; the Centre is fighting for a freer nation on your behalf.

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