In recent months there has been a whisper in the Welsh wind. If you close your eyes you can almost hear it now – “abolish, abolish, abolish.”

That’s how these political articles are supposed to start right?

Unlike one of your previous Conservative writers, I can honestly say I’ve always been anti devolution. I say always, there was that one time in my youth when I flirted with Plaid Cymru, but I grew up since.  That’s perhaps another story for another day.

Where was I? Yes, always anti devolution. If you look hard on YouTube, there is an interview with a slightly more youthful version of me talking about how the Welsh Assembly was a waste of money.

2006 was the year, Tony Blair had, 12 months earlier, completed a hat trick of victories and his Welsh devolution project was into its seventh year.

I was chairman of UKIP Wales and staunchly anti-EU, anti-Welsh Assembly and pro-Union.

I am however, far removed from these professional politicians we see today.

After leaving UKIP in 2007 I turned my back on politics. That said, if there was ever to be a cause that could tempt me back, it would have to be something of huge importance, like saving my country from the economic disaster that independence would bring.

I am a proud Welshman, born and raised in Ystrad Mynach and Hengoed and spending most of my adult life in Caerphilly, Barry & Sully. I have had a number of Welsh based businesses employing local staff and contributing to the Welsh economy.

Like the majority of Welsh people, I never really noticed the power creep that was gradually engulfing the country. I had taken my eye off the ball and other matters had preoccupied my time.

The Assembly elections meant little to me; there were no Parties with any appeal, as their devolved policies and craving to sit at the top of the table made them all much of a muchness. After all, so many parties have regularly altered their policies, not to adapt to changing circumstances, but because it was politically expedient for them to do so – often ignoring the wishes of their supporters and members and breaking manifesto pledges with aplomb.

This is the very hypocrisy I dislike about politicians and politics and why I felt comfortable not engaging.

Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party in 2016 weren’t even on my radar as they received virtually no press coverage though still managing to gain 4.4% of the vote.

It was only in 2017 when I began to really notice how surreptitiously welsh nationalists were permeating our society: receiving through my door literature written bilingually from government bodies – wasting paper, cost and doubling the need for recycling; noticing motorway signs written in a language I did not understand which changed to English by the time I had driven past, therefore not knowing what they were warning me of; and where acquaintances of mine failed to get jobs or could not even apply for them in the first place in Wales, losing  them to lesser qualified candidates, because they could not speak Welsh and the successful ones could.

Also becoming prevalent, were organisations like Yes Cymru, actively promoted by Welsh mainstream media – fermenting hatred and bile against anyone who wasn’t Welsh – and even against people like me who, on the one side of my family can trace back my Welsh heritage to the early 1700s, but because of my Polish Surname was regarded as a foreigner and not true Welsh.

Oh, how often have I been told on social media by Yes Cymru and nationalist supporters proudly promoting their badges, (which they graffiti over public buildings, lampposts and signs costing the local taxpayer fortunes to have removed), to go back to the country I came from – HEADLINE NEWS I Am in the Country I came from!

Equally important, is the prospective breakup of the union of the United Kingdom, which all of the mainstream political parties are either directly or indirectly leading us towards. As the devolved Assembly, now renamed Parliament/Senedd (without the voter’s direct consent), gains ever increasing powers, a move towards independence becomes more likely.

This is why I am so very annoyed with the Conservative Party (so called Conservative & Unionist Party) in particular, as I know from polls and Conservative friends of mine, that the majority of ordinary members do not want this unnecessary tier of politicians and yet their political masters in the Assembly are hell bent on ignoring their wishes in order to save their own jobs and political careers.

I am not surprised about Plaid Cymru though, because their wishes, desires and goals are well known. We knew what they were about from very early on; when they refused to criticise those, who burned down holiday homes and supported the arson of an RAF station at Penyberth – and let’s not even mention during World War II Gwynfor Evans comments that “a German victory might be better for Wales in the long run”.

I am a little baffled somewhat by Welsh Labour too! I helped Labour’s Mo Mowlam in the early 90’s on an Employers for Childcare Initiative. Even back then, many Labour members were supportive of maintaining the Union.

Where I was brought up, which was predominantly a Labour area – people were proud of the monarchy and proud of being British as well as being Welsh.

I would argue, that for many Labour supporters this is still the case – but not for their representatives in the Assembly/Senedd. Only last week Mark Drakeford announced that he wanted to see “Home Rule” pretending in some rather macabre and perverted way that this will ‘Save the Union’.

God forbid, after the elections in May, we may very well see, if the polls are correct, a Labour/Plaid alliance and then we shall not be sleepwalking towards Independence but Sprinting towards it.

We at Abolish say “Wake Up Wales and Vote Abolish” because anyone who has the slightest degree of economic savvy or intelligence know that Independence would be an economic disaster for Wales and a Political disaster for the Union. 

This is why, despite never really wanting to be a politician, (as all the constituencies I have previously stood for I could never win, but wanted to support my Party because of its cause) I shall hold my nose and stand for something I and my colleagues will abolish ASAP, in order to Save Wales & Save The Union and then back to political retirement I will happily go.

So I call on all the people of Wales to put Country before Party and Vote Abolish.