In Wales, as with the rest of the United Kingdom, people turn to charities in their hour of need.

Charities are traditionally seen as frontline-facing organisations that work with the most disadvantaged and exploited people on the planet to provide basic humanitarian needs. But there are many different types of charities and while many will have heard of the organisations and will have thought they were political groups or private organisations, they are registered charities that must abide by a raft of rules.

However, strict rules are offset by some financial benefits. How charities are financially supported varies from charity to charity; some are overwhelmingly private sector funded (from a mixture of both small and large donations from the public), others rely on grants and financial aid from the state and philanthropic individuals or groups.

This report analyses the role the Welsh state plays in supporting some charities in Wales, focusing on the Welsh Government and the financial budget it administers to various ‘charities’ and third sector organisations.

The average percentage figure is an estimate obtained from the accounts available on companies house in conjunction with the FOI requests received from the Welsh Government.