Since March 2020 the way we all worked changed forever. With the outbreak of COVID–19, the Government sent the whole of the United Kingdom (UK) into lockdown. What this meant was that our entire way of life changed, not just our social habits, no going to cafes or walks in the park, but also our way of working. The Government’s mantra was that if you can work from home you should, and employers around the country took that to heart and where they could they sent their staff home with laptops and desktop computers to set up their offices in their spare bedrooms and kitchen tables.

Roads started to empty, high streets became deserted, public transport started to change its timetables to weekend working and so it became more difficult to get to work, work was no longer a place you left your home to go to, work became your home.

What was once the privilege of senior partners in law firms, Managing Directors, Chief Executives and Entrepreneurs of companies now became the everyday norm for any employee who had WIFI.

In this report we will be examining how working from home can be a great thing for some, but could also be a problem for others. We will also be looking at how Wales will benefit by maintaining a diverse working population in communities that have ageing populations and why working from home is now more acceptable than it was before, whether more needs to be done to ensure that rural parts of Wales are connected properly and what has happened to the local economy of Wales since lockdown.