Matthew MacKinnon, Director of the Centre for Welsh Studies said:

The results of our poll clearly state that the Welsh people want to see the Welsh Government taking a pro-business, market led approach to reboot the Welsh economy and ensure the damage of lockdown is minimalised by taking such an approach.

Currently, the Welsh Government have been very vocal about the public sector but have been slow to listen to the concerns of the private sector. 

With almost three quarters of those polled believing that lockdown has had a negative impact on the Welsh economy, surely it is time for the Welsh Government to announce a comprehensive, nuanced plan to begin the reopening of the Welsh economy.

The polling has shown for the first time that when the Welsh public are asked about if they want to see a reduction in taxes in order to see economic growth and jobs increase post lockdown, the results were emphatic. Will the Welsh political establishment take note? Or carry on with the same economic model that has seen our nation’s economy struggle for the past 20 years?

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Centre for Welsh Studies Poll
Fieldwork Dates: 22/05/20 – 31/05/20
Data Collection Method: The survey was conducted via online panel. Data were weighted to the profile of all people in Wales aged 16+. Data were weighted by age, sex, Welsh region, 2019 general election vote, 2017 general election vote, 2016 EU referendum vote and 2016 Welsh Assembly constituency vote. Targets for the weighted data were derived from Office for National Statistics Census Data and the results of the 2019 and 2017 UK general elections, the 2016 EU referendum and the 2016 Welsh Assembly election. Population Sampled: All residents aged 16+ living in Wales. Sample Size: 1,051.