A Lobbyist Register for Wales

Today the Centre for Welsh Studies released a policy paper calling on the Welsh Assembly to introduce a Statutory Register for Lobbyist in Wales. The proposal comes the same day as the new Lobbying (Scotland) comes into force.

The Centre for Welsh Studies Chairman Llyr Powell says: “Within the next months and years to come the Welsh Assembly is going to gain more powers. This year the Assembly will gain tax raising powers and with Brexit, the Assembly will gain full control over devolved areas. This is why it is vital that the National Assembly acts now to ensure full transparency.

There has been a trend towards increased openness around political lobbying, today in Scotland with the Lobbying (Scotland) Act and in Ireland, the Lobbying Act came into effect in September 2015 to increase transparent lobbying.

I believe the suggestions that the Centre for Welsh Studies has made will strengthen our democracy and build trust with the public.”

You can read the full report here.