This article has been written by Adrian Mason.

The Rule of Law in the United Kingdom is a long standing principle that says the law should apply equally to everyone living in our Country regardless of status. The proposals now being discussed about forming an ‘international court’ for EU citizens, living and working in this Country is at variance to this principle. It sets a dangerous precedent and threatens the very foundations of the rule that everyone is equal under the law.

The British people voted to Leave the European Union and this means the full, unfettered return of sovereignty to the Nation. The Court of Justice of the European Union will no longer be the final arbiter in disputes and we will revert to a time when the Supreme Court was our court of final instance. Our legal system has been a model for the world and our judiciary has shown time and time again that they are prepared to uphold the rights of everyone in our land, without fear or favour. The creation of an international court is an unnecessary and disrespectful interference upon our sovereignty, legal system and right to self-determination.

We should have the confidence to reject such proposals.