“Sam Gould was my friend, colleague and possibly the bravest man I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. When Sam was diagnosed with bowel cancer his reaction was to do what he knew best, campaign.

Through his videos and social media campaign,  Sam raised awareness of the symptoms of bowel cancer. In fact, his videos have now been viewed by over hundred thousand people.  The comments and messages he has received suggest that many people found comfort from them and the strength to go to their GP with their symptoms.

Sam’s role in both the UKIP Wales 2016 Assembly campaign and the Leave campaign in Wales was pivotal. In particular, in the UKIP 2016 campaign when we were out manned and spent out, the person to have in the trenches with you was Sam.

He was a bundle of energy, enthusiasm and positivity – and all of this was put into his campaigning for the General Election in 2015 and then the 2 campaigns in 2016.

He truly believed in what he was doing and put everything in, even devising some crazy stunts to get a cheeky news headline – projecting the UKIP logo onto Caerphilly Castle,  a purple UKIP Land Rover, pressure washing the logo onto dirty pavements and the now infamous stunt on Margate beach which made national news with a shoutout on ‘Have I got news for you’.

More than anything I will miss his warm and caring nature and our phone calls when we’d speak about nothing in particular yet somehow put the world to rights.

In his 33 years, Sam achieved more in business, politics and in his campaign for bowel cancer awareness than many achieve in a lifetime but he always said he was most proud of his family, his wife Caroline and their three beautiful girls.”

– Llyr Powell, Co-Director.