Universal Basic Income for Wales: Can it be achieved?

Many on the centre and left of Welsh politics have flirted with the idea of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) in recent years. This idea has been around for centuries and has been discussed regularly...

Leaving the EU can strengthen Welsh agricultural standards

Whilst still in the EU, these unethical practises are almost impossible for the UK to withdraw from. Brexit gives us the chance to further our reputation as a world leader in animal rights.

Research – Lobbyist Register for Wales

A Lobbyist Register for Wales Today the Centre for Welsh Studies released a policy paper calling on the Welsh Assembly to introduce a Statutory Register for Lobbyist in Wales. The proposal comes the...

Planning makes “No Deal” one of few certainties

While Labour are flapping over Brexit and their hodgepodge approach to it, the UK Government’s planning for a No Deal demonstrates that the Conservatives are the only major party that can deliver Brexit and that are committed to it.

Research – Cut then scrap: The case against Air Passenger Duty

APD reduces tourism, trade and investment. This has been compounded by regular increases in the tax. The UK is at a competitive disadvantage to neighbouring states which have a lower aviation tax, or none at all.


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